Sewer Systems

Sewer System Installation & Repairs

Whether you are planning a new sewer system or your current system needs repairs, the experts at Balterre can help.

Sewage systems are essential for public and environmental cleanliness and safety. Balterre is the trusted contractor for the installation and maintenance of sewer systems. We have experience with industrial and municipal projects. We work closely with civil engineers and project managers to ensure that your project all requirements, including municipal building codes.

Our Sewer System Services Include:

  • Sewer line installations
  • Repairs, services and maintenance for sewer
  • Restoration of collapsed pipes or cracked and leaking pipes
  • Site services

Balterre Contracting Limited will oversee your project from start to finish. That means if your project includes main sewer line street work, which is often necessary with sewer installations, handle all aspects of the project. That includes traffic control, inspections, and completing the permanent asphalt patch. We are also available to perform any sewer repairs that you may require.

We work with both the commercial and municipal sectors on projects of all sizes.

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